Template List

Choosing a template is the first step when creating a calendar. PrintableCal includes a number of default templates. Additional templates can also be created and customized

The installed templates will be listed in the Task Pane and grouped by type. To expand a group, click its header. To select a template from a group, click the template's name. The selected template will be highlighted in blue and the Next button will become enabled.

Show Example Carousel

A template example carousel window can be shown by checking the Show example carousel box located above the template list. The example carousel will appear to the left of the template list. It will show a thumbnail for the selected template. A thumbnail can be added to a template when customizingUse the left and right arrow buttons to preview each of the available templates. 

The example carousel window can be moved by dragging it with the mouse. It can be closed by clicking the round X button in the upper-right corner, or by unchecking the Show example carousel box. To select a template, click the Select button, or click the Next button below the template list in the PrintableCal task pane.

Target (Excel)

When using Excel, the calendar can be generated to the current workbook or a new workbook. The target can be selected below the template list. When Current workbook is selected, the generated calendar will be added as a new worksheet to the currently active workbook.

Target (Word)

When using Word, the calendar can be generated to the current document or a new document. As with Excel, the target can be selected below the template list. When Current document is selected, the generated calendar will be added to the current document, starting at the current location of the text cursor. 

There is also an Format field. Available choices are Excel Worksheet ObjectFormatted Text (RTF), Picture, and HTML. Depending on the template, some formats may work better than others. For example, the Agenda template works best using the HTML format, which can span multiple pages. The Excel Worksheet Object format is limited to one page, but works better for templates that are designed to fit on one page, such as the default Month template.

Target (PowerPoint)

When using PowerPoint, the calendar can be generated to the current slide or inserted on a new slide. The target can be selected below the template list. The generated calendar will be added as a picture.

Context Menu

The right-click menu provides a shortcut to other related functionality. To access this menu, right-click on one of the listed templates or click the menu button to the right of the template's name.

Customize Opens the template allowing it to be customized. Click here for a walkthrough.
Add to Favorites Adds the template to a Favorites group shown at the top of the template list. This group can be used to easily access templates that are frequently used.
Remove Template Removes the template from the list.
Reset to Original If the template was customized and overwrote a template that was provided with the PrintableCal installation, this menu command will reset the template back to the factory default.
Export Exports the template to a file that can be imported on other computers.
  • Hi Lou, if you want black text for all events and no background color, then do the following:
    1. Uncheck the "Only use background color for all-day items" box.
    2. Click each calendar's name to access its color settings.
    3. From left to right, set the color boxes to the following: Transparent, Transparent, Black. In other words, the background and border colors should be set to transparent and the text color should be set to black.

    When you generate the calendar, all events should have black text with no background.

  • Lou

    For each of the Google calendars I selected, I opened the color-coding section at the bottom, and I saw that the font color was already black by default. But when the calendar was actually generated, the Google colors were used instead. Black is only used when a background color is being used as well. If an event is not all-day, this requires unchecking "Only use background color for all-day items."

  • Hi Lou, you can override the event colors in PrintableCal. The event colors are not controlled by selecting a theme. Please see the "Color-Coding Data Sources" section in the documentation linked below for instructions:

  • Lou

    Not quite. After unchecking "Use custom event colors," I still got events in their unwanted Google colors, unless they were all-day events. As a workaround, I unchecked "Only use background color for all-day items." That turned all fonts black, but at the cost of generating background colors for all events, not just all-day events.

    BTW, I found the themes, but I couldn't find one that turned all fonts black.

  • Hi Lou, if you have customized the colors of individual events in Google Calendar, PrintableCal will use those colors rather than the associated calendar color.

    You can override this behavior. Click the Options button on the PrintableCal tab. In the Options window, click the Google Calendar tab and uncheck the box labeled "Use custom event colors".

    Also, you can specify how events associated with each calendar should appear when generated in PrintableCal's output. To specify the appearance, click the calendar's name in the list of calendar data sources. A settings panel will appear where the background and text colors can be specified. Please see the "Color-Coding Data Sources" section in the documentation linked below for more details:

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Lou

    I'd like to have my Google calendar generated into Excel with all entries in graytones. When I configure the specific calendar sources I need, they all say they will use black lettering, but they end up using a variety of colors, probably copied from Google. I thought PrintableCal's themes might help, but they have no effect on the color of the items. In fact, they seem to have no effect at all -- when I try different themes, the appearance of the calendars stays the same. I can't even find descriptions of the various calendars. Am I doing something wrong?

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