2-Weeks/Page Template

The 2-Weeks/Page template style generate 2 weeks to a single page, split down the middle with one week on the left and one on the right. The page can be cut in half and placed in a binder.


The 2-Weeks/Page template provides the following options when creating a calendar...

Start date The start date can be typed into the box or selected using the drop-down arrow. Typically, the start date should correspond with the first day of the week, although any date can be used as the starting date..
Number of weeks  The number of weeks to generate, in increments of two. If more than 2 weeks are selected, additional weeks will be generated to separate worksheets or pages.
Text behavior Titles can be wrapped (if space allows), never wrapped, or shrunk to fit so that wrapping is unnecessary. You can pick the desired behavior via the drop-down list.
Time format  The time format. Supported formats are 12-hour, 24-hour, Shortened, and Military. An example time is shown for each format in the drop-down list. 
Show start time When checked, event or task start times will be shown to the left of their titles. 
Show end time  When checked, event or task end times will be shown to the left of their titles. 
Show location When checked, event or task locations will be included after their titles, separated by a semicolon.
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