Week Grid Template

The Week Grid template style generates a calendar showing 7 days arranged in a grid layout. Unlike the Week Column template style, this style does not show time slots. Each event or task will be ordered based on its starting time. All day events will be placed at the top of each day cell.


Week Grid templates provide the following options when creating a calendar...

Start date The start date can be typed into the box or selected using the drop-down arrow. Typically, the start date should correspond with the first day of the week, although any date can be used as the starting date..
Number of weeks  Multiple weeks can be generated. Each week will be placed on its own worksheet (Excel) or page (Word). You can select how many weeks to include in the output by clicking the drop-down arrow. 
Text behavior Titles can be wrapped (if space allows), never wrapped, or shrunk to fit so that wrapping is unnecessary. You can pick the desired behavior via the drop-down list.
Time format The time format. Supported formats are 12-hour (8:00 PM), 24-hour (20:00), Shortened (8pm), Military (2000), and Numeric (20.0). An example time is shown for each format in the drop-down list.
Only use background color for all-day items When checked, only events or tasks that are all-day or span multiple days will have a background color. Other items will have their text colored without a background.
Show start time  When checked, event or task start times will be shown. The ordering of times, title, and location values can be specified in the PrintableCal options.
Show end time  When checked, event or task end times will be shown.
Use bold text for item times When checked, item times will be in bold text, to help differentiate from other values.
Show location  When checked, event or task locations will be shown.
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