6 Months/Page Template

The 6-Months/Page template style generates 6 months to a single page. Dates can be color-coded based on the first event or task. Events and tasks will also be listed to the right of each month.


The 6-Months/Page template provides the following options when creating a calendar...

Start month The first of the 6 months to be printed.
First day of week The first day of the week will be the left-most day column in each month.
Time format  The time format. Supported formats are 12-hour (8:00 PM), 24-hour (20:00), Shortened (8pm), Military (2000), and Numeric (20.0). An example time is shown for each format in the drop-down list.
Color dates When checked, each date will be color-coded to match calendar associated with the first event or task occurring on that date. Note, you can hover over a date to see all the events and tasks it contains.  
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