Multiple Months as Columns Template

The Multiple Months as Columns template style generates multiple months where each month is defined as a column and the days of the month are defined in rows. This layout can be used to generate an entire year to a single page while still showing item details.


The Multiple Months as Columns template provides the following options when creating a calendar...

Start month The first month to show in the generated output.
Number of months Multiple months can be generated. Each month will be a column in the output. You can select how many months to include in the output by clicking the drop-down arrow.
Time format The time format. Supported formats are 12-hour, 24-hour, Shortened, and Military. An example time is shown for each format in the drop-down list.
Max items per day Specifies how many items should fit within a single day. This doesn't affect items that span multiple days, which will be oriented vertically across multiple rows. It only affects items that occur within a single date and are oriented horizontally within a single row to provide more space for titles. Increasing this value will result in more rows within a date.
Only use background colors for all-day items When checked, only events or tasks that are all-day or span multiple days will have a background color. Other items will have their text colored without a background.
Show start time When checked, event or task start times will be shown to the left of their titles.
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