Add Events From Microsoft Outlook

PrintableCal can import events from Microsoft Outlook (version 2007 or later). Note, if you use the web-based, see the instructions instead. If your calendars are synced with Exchange Server, they might not be available in your local Outlook data file. If that's the case, see the Exchange Server instructions.

Here's how to add local Microsoft Outlook calendar data sources to PrintableCal:

  1. Click the Add Calendar button on the Calendar Data Sources step and select the Local -> Outlook (Local) option. The Add Calendar Source - Outlook (Local) window will appear.
  2. Local calendars will be listed, each which a checkbox to the left of its name. 
  3. Use the checkboxes to select the calendars you'd like to make available to PrintableCal.
  4. ​Click the OK button to add the selected Outlook calendars to PrintableCal's list of available calendar sources.
  • Is your organization using Exchange Online (part of Office 365) for hosting the calendars? You could try connecting to Exchange Online to see what happens. Maybe your room calendars will be available...doesn't hurt to try. See step 3 on the page linked below:

    If that doesn't work either, could you have someone from your IT department contact me directly at I need more information about how exactly your calendars are hosted in order to provide accurate instructions on how to connect PrintableCal to those calendars.

  • Hi, My IT department said they use Microsoft's servers. Office 365 I believe. I tried getting a URL they way you suggested with, but my set up looks different. When I select share, I only have a few options and none of them have anything to do with creating a URL.

  • Hi Patrick, are you able to get to the calendars on If so, you should be able to get a shared link (URL) that can be used for adding the calendars to PrintableCal. The documentation linked below might help:

    If you don't see the calendars on, and if they aren't on Exchange Server either, do you know how or where those calendars are hosted? Maybe PrintableCal could connect to the calendars but I'd need more information.

  • Hello, I am trynig the trial version of your program. I want to use this to extract info about classes from various rooms here at a College (about 4-5 rooms). But I can only see one of them. There are shared calendars. Our IT said we don't use an Exchange server and I can't find a way to use Any ideas how I might get around my not seeing shared calendars in outlook?

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