PrintableCal Options

PrintableCal provides the ability to customize the item template used for events and tasks in generated calendars, create or modify category colors, connect to the internet through a proxy server, and modify how events and tasks are color-coded when imported from various data sources. These settings can be accessed by clicking the Options button on the PrintableCal tab of the ribbon menu in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


After clicking the Options button, the Options window will appear. The window provides tabs along the left side for modifying the various options within PrintableCal.


More information about each of the options tabs can be be found in the sections linked below:

  • The problem with unnecessary lines has been fixed in PrintableCal 2019.

  • Hi Ed, PrintableCal will measure how much space is required for text to fit before wrapping. The font specified in the calendar settings is used. See the "Color-Coding Data Sources" section of the documentation linked below for instructions on how to specify a different font:

    As mentioned in my email, there appears to be a problem on some computers where the measured space is slightly off, resulting in unnecessary new lines in some cases. I'm not sure if it will make any difference, but you could try using either the Calibri Light 10pt font, or Arial 9pt.

  • Thanks for your suggestion to turn off the word-wrap. That will help somewhat, but there are sometimes when that is needed -- when an entry exceeds two lines. For now, I can handle these situations manually. It is a great product.
    Does the font selection have anything to do with the overflow? There are so many fonts today; do you have any recommendation?

  • Hi Ed, which template are you using? Could you send a screenshot or example output to

  • Multi Line Entries add a blank line. Can I stop this?

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