Item Template

PrintableCal provides the ability to customize the item template that is used for displaying events and tasks in most of calendar templates. There are 5 fields that can be configured in any order. You can pick and choose from these fields, or remove them from the item template if there are things you never want to see in the output. In some cases, calendar template settings will also control whether these fields are visible, such as the calendar template setting for including locations. The field names are wrapped in [square brackets] in the item template. Additional static text can also be inserted into the template if desired.

  1. [Time]: The item time. The format of the time, and whether the end time is also shown, is determine in the calendar template settings when generating.
  2. [Calendar Prefix]: The prefix of the associated calendar data source. Calendar prefixes can be specified in the settings panel that appears when a calendar data source is selected.
  3. [Title]: The item title or subject.
  4. [Occurrence Number]: For items that follow a recurrence pattern, the sequential occurrence number of the item. For example, this could be a person's age for a yearly recurring birthday event. The first occurrence of a yearly event will have an occurrence number of 0. Monthly, weekly, and daily events will start with an occurrence number of 1.
  5. [Location]: The item's location.

In addition to the ordering of fields, you can also specify additional text that should come before or after each value. For example, you might want the calendar prefix to be followed by a dash and the item location to be prefixed with a semicolon. A preview is shown to the right of each field to show how it will look. An example item is also shown at the bottom of the Item Template tab so you can see the overall effect of the specified template.

The default template is [Time][Calendar Prefix][Title][Location]This default was overridden in the example shown below. Occurrence numbers will come first, then titles followed by times in parentheses. Locations will not be shown. You can restore the default template by clicking the Restore Defaults button.

Here's an example of how items will appear in generated output when using these settings:

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