Category Colors

Categories can be imported or created in the PrintableCal Options. When categories are defined, events and tasks will be color-coded in the output based on the associated category colors, rather than the calendar data source colors. Depending on the calendar data source, this can also be overridden

To create or import categories, open the Options window by clicking the Options button on the PrintableCal tab. Categories are specified on the Category Colors tab of the Options window. If you use Exchange, Outlook, or VueMinder, you can import categories from those sources by clicking the Import button.

You can also define categories by clicking the New Category button. Each category can be configured with colors (background, text, and border), font (name, size, style, alignment), and border thickness.

When generating a calendar, any items associated with a defined category will use that category's appearance settings. Templates that include a legend will also show the category as part of the legend. Not all the defined categories will be in the legend - only categories associated with items that are actually shown in the output.

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