Insert a Color-Coded Legend

PrintableCal can generate calendars containing data from multiple sources, all overlaid into the same page and color-coded based on the associated calendar data sources or categories. If your calendar contains data from a variety of sources, it can be helpful to insert a legend to show the color-coding.

To insert a legend, click the Legend button on the PrintableCal tab of the Excel, Word, or PowerPoint ribbon.

The Insert Legend Task Pane will appear after clicking the Legend button. The most recently used calendar data sources will be selected by default. If using Excel, you can choose to insert the legend as a picture or as formatted cells starting at the currently selected cell. In Word, the legend will always insert as a picture. After inserting the legend as a picture, it can be dragged to the desired location or resized as needed.

You can also pick the maximum number of columns to use for the legend. For example, if you have 6 calendar data sources and you pick 3 columns, the legend will generate as a grid consisting of 2 rows and 3 columns. For a vertical legend, pick 1 as the maximum number of columns. For a horizontal legend, set the maximum number of columns to the same as the number of selected calendar data sources.

The fill and border color of the legend can also be specified. 

Here's an example where the background color is set to gray with a darker gray border.

  • PrintableCal 2019 provides the ability to insert a legend based on category colors. You can learn more about this feature here:

  • Lou

    I was looking at the same thing here and this would be an excellent option to use. I am creating Calendars from Outlook and showing a Legend based on the Category colors would be a huge help.

  • Hi Edwin, unfortunately the legend will only color-code based on associated calendar, not category. I'll consider adding an option to show category colors in the legend instead of calendar colors. Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions.

  • Hi. is there a way to create color-coded legend based on the Outlook categories already defined in the calendar? Thanks.

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