1 Day/Page with Timeslot Columns Template

This template generates a calendar showing 1 day per page. Individual calendars will be shown as rows and timeslots will be shown as columns.


When creating a calendar using the 1 Day/Page with Timeslot Columns template, the following options are provided...

Start dateThe start date can be typed into the box or selected using the drop-down arrow. This date will be the left-most column in the generated calendar.
Number of daysThe total number of days to include in the output. Each day will generate to its own worksheet or page.
Timeslots A timeslot range and interval can be specified. The output will only show times between the specified start and end values. Each row will correspond to the specified timeslot length, such as 30 minutes.
Time FormatThe time format. Supported formats are 12-hour (8:00 PM), 24-hour (20:00), Shortened (8pm), Military (2000), and Numeric (20.0). An example time is shown for each format in the drop-down list.
Rows per calendar The number of rows for each calendar data source. This value will limit how many overlapping items can be shown for a single calendar data source. If you have many overlapping items, make sure to set this value large enough for all items to fit.
Text behaviorThe text behavior of items. Options are Wrap text, Don't wrap text, and Shrink text to fit.
Item font size Override the default font size associated with each calendar data source.
Items fill available space If the Rows per calendar value is large enough that empty rows would appear for a calendar data source, this option (when checked) will expand items to fill the available space, rather than showing white space.
Show start time When checked, item start times will be shown. The ordering of times, title, and location values can be specified in the PrintableCal options.
Show location When checked, item locations will be shown.