Add Events and Tasks from Excel Files

PrintableCal can import from Excel files. The files must be formatted with a header row, followed by any number of event or task rows.

To configure PrintableCal to import from an Excel file when creating calendars, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Calendar button on the Calendar Data Sources step and select the Local -> Excel File option.
  2. Select the Excel file to be imported.
  3. PrintableCal will try to determine the mapping of columns found in the selected Excel file. You can override the column mapping as needed. Since PrintableCal only uses a subset of the possible data, some fields won't have any mapping to PrintableCal. The mapping for non-applicable fields can be set blank to be ignored, or set to the Description field to have their contents appended to the item descriptions that appear in some templates.
  4. If the OK button is disabled, make sure mappings to the Title and Start (or Start Date) fields are specified. These are the only required fields.
  5. ​Click the OK button to add the selected Excel File to PrintableCal's list of available calendar sources.