Add Events From Any iCalendar URL

PrintableCal can import events from any iCalendar (ics) URL. Here's how:

  1. Click the Add Calendar button on the Calendar Data Sources step and select the Online -> iCalendar (URL) option. The Add Calendar Source - iCalendar URL window will appear.
  2. Type or paste the desired URL into the text box. The OK button will be enabled after a valid URL has been entered.
  3. If the calendar is hosted on a secure server that requires authentication, check the Server requires authentication box and enter your username and password.
  4. When finished, click the OK button.
  5. PrintableCal will attempt to find the calendar name in the iCalendar feed. If the calendar name isn't present, a window will appear asking for a calendar name. Click the OK button after entering the calendar name. Make sure to enter a name that isn't already used by one of the other calendar data sources.
  • Hi Linus, the URLs are to a PHP script which generates the calendars. PrintableCal needs a URL directly to the ICS file. It can't import through a PHP script.

    You could work around the problem by opening the URLs in your web browser to download the ICS files, and configuring PrintableCal to import the ICS files from your Downloads folder.

    I tested this and the ICS files should import without any problem. It's the PHP script which was causing problems, since PrintableCal is expecting to download an ICS file directly from the URL.

  • We habe two calendars, neither is working with PrintableCal:

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Linus, could you send the iCal URL to, or attach the ICS file to an email if the URL isn't open to the public? I'll need to attempt to import your calendar in order to track down where it's failing.

  • Hi! Will not subsribe to my school's iCal format calender which is hosted on our CMS called ILIAS. Reply is "An error occurred while downloading - Zu viele Umleitungen". The URL is given and it works fine to subscribe to this URL in Outlook 2013. No idea why this does not work. Can you help?

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