Add Birthdays and Events From Facebook

PrintableCal can import birthdays and upcoming events from Facebook when creating calendars. To add connect PrintableCal to Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Calendar button on the Calendar Data Sources step and select the Online -> Facebook option. The Add Calendar Source - Facebook window will appear.
  2. Open
  3. Facebook provides two calendars - Upcoming Events and Birthdays. The links for these calendars can usually be found near the bottom-right corner of the page. Right-click the link for the desired calendar.
  4. Copy the calendar URL by clicking the Copy link address command on the context menu. Depending on your web browser, this command might be named Copy shortcut or Copy Link Location.
  5. After copying the link, the address field at the top of this window should be automatically filled. If that doesn't happen, right-click the address field and select Paste from the popup menu, or press Ctrl+V.
  6. The OK button will now be enabled. Click the OK button to add your Facebook calendar to PrintableCal's list of available calendar sources.
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