Page Setup

When creating a calendar in Microsoft Word, a Page Setup step might be shown, depending on the options selected on the Choose a Template step. The Page Setup step will not be shown when creating a calendar in Excel or when the calendar is being generated to the current document as a picture.


Auto-fit to page width  When checked, the generated table will be sized to fit the page width. This option will only be shown when the Insert as picture box on the Choose a Template step is unchecked. 
Orientation  The paper orientation can be set to Portrait or Landscape. This option will only be shown when the target is set to a new document on the Choose a Template step. When generating to the current document, the current page orientation will be used instead.

Page Margin

The page margins can be specified when generating a calendar to a new document. The margin options won't be shown when generating to the current document.

Cell Padding

When the Insert as picture box on the Choose a Template step is unchecked, cell padding options will be shown in the Page Setup step. These values allow blank (padding) space to be specified between cell borders and content. Depending on the template, you might need to adjust the cell padding values to achieve the best results. 

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