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We're sad to see you go. If there's something that could be improved in PrintableCal, or some other reason for uninstalling, please let us know. We really do listen and we'd appreciate any feedback that could help us improve our product. It's also possible we could help you with whatever issue has prompted you to uninstall. 

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How To Uninstall

  1. Open the Control Panel. If you can't find the Control Panel, click the appropriate link below, depending on your version of Windows:
    Windows 8
    Windows 7 and Vista

  2. Click the Uninstall a program link under the Programs category.

  3. A list of installed programs will be shown. The list is in alphabetical order. Click PrintableCal and then click the Uninstall button.

  4. A message will appear asking if you're sure you want to remove PrintableCal. Click OK to continue uninstalling.

  5. PrintableCal will then be removed. No drama. If Microsoft Excel or Word are currently running, they'll need to be restarted to remove the PrintableCal tab from the ribbon menu.