Month Template

The Month template style generates a calendar showing an entire month. Each event or task will be ordered based on its starting time. All day events will be placed at the top of each day cell.


Month templates provide the following options when creating a calendar...

Start month The first month to show in the generated output.
Number of months Multiple months can be generated. Each month will be placed on its own worksheet (Excel) or page (Word). You can select how many months to include in the output by clicking the drop-down arrow. 
First day of week The first day of the week will be the left-most day column. You can pick either Sunday or Monday.
Min rows per day Each day cell will consist of the minimum number of specified rows. The higher the value, the more events will be able to fit, but larger values might it more difficult to fit the calendar on a single page when printing. 
Max rows per day  This is the maximum number of rows to be used for each day cell. If a date has more events than the maximum number of rows, an indication will be shown at the bottom of the day cell.
Text behavior  Titles can be wrapped (if space allows), never wrapped, or shrunk to fit so that wrapping is unnecessary. You can pick the desired behavior via the drop-down list. 
Time Format The time format. Supported formats are 12-hour, 24-hour, Shortened, and Military. An example time is shown for each format in the drop-down list.
Only use background color for all-day items When checked, only events or tasks that are all-day or span multiple days will have a background color. Other items will have their text colored without a background.
Show start time  When checked, event or task start times will be shown to the left of their titles.  
Show end time  When checked, event or task end times will be shown to the left of their titles. 
Show location When checked, event or task locations will be included after their titles, separated by a semicolon.
Show descriptions in tooltips  When checked, an event's description will be added to a comment that pops up when hovering the mouse over the event. Note, this only works when calendars are generated in Excel, not Word. Also, these comments won't be included in the printout. 
Condense unused rows  When this option is checked, any unused rows in day cells will be deleted, allowing the month to be dynamically sized so it can fit better when printing. Note, blank rows will not be removed if this would result in fewer rows than specified by the Min rows per day value.  
Clip items in alternate months  When checked, events or or tasks that occur in the previous or next month will not be shown. 
  • Hi Piri, if you're using the Month template, there's a checkbox labeled "Show descriptions within items". This is on the "Template Options - Month" step when generating a calendar. Check that box to see descriptions within your event titles. Also, you'll probably need to set the "Text behavior" option to "Wrap text". Note, if your event descriptions are long, things might not fit properly when the option to include descriptions is enabled.

    PrintableCal provides dozens of other templates, some more geared toward including event descriptions. When you click the "Create Calendar" button on the PrintableCal tab of the ribbon, you'll see a panel labeled "Choose a Template", with a bunch of templates listed. You can expand each template style to see the individual template files within that style. For example, the "Agenda" template includes several variations such as "Agenda Template - Condensed" and "High Contrast Agenda Template".

    The page linked below explains all these different template styles in more detail:

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • How do I get PrintableCal to print the description for an event from Google Calendar? Where can I find additional templates?

  • Hi Ed, that's correct. You can access the calendar's settings by clicking its name in the calendar data source list. See the documentation linked below for more information:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Never mind. I think I have it. I need to click on the calendar source name before I generate the calendar.

  • Now the I don't see the calendar settings options. How do I make the setting option appear?

  • Thanks. Looks like I have everything working now.

  • Hi Ed, the 3 colors boxes (in order from left to right) are for the background color, border color, and text color of events associated with the calendar that is currently selected in the calendar list.

    Each calendar can have its own combination of colors. If you generate with multiple calendars your events will be color-coded. If you hover the mouse cursor over one of the boxes, a tooltip will identify which element (background, border, or text color) is associated with the color box. There's also a preview below the color boxes to show a preview of how the current selection would look.

    The documentation linked below explains in more detail:

    If you've modified one of the default templates, you can restore the original template by right-clicking the template name and selecting the "Delete" command. After deleting your customized template, exit/restart all instances of Word and Excel. PrintableCal will revert to using the original template instead of your modified template. Also, when you save a customized template, you can type in a different template name to prevent it from replacing one of the original installed templates.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Downloaded application months ago. Now I need to use it! Documentation good so far... Except! What are the three little color boxes at the bottom of the Calendar Settings box. I started modifying the Monthly Hi-Def template and can't seem to get it reset. Can I reset the template somehow?

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